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LAZARUS, by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark

  BEEN: What is Lazarus about in broad strokes?

  ANDREW: In the future, America is ruled by a small collection of incredibly wealthy families sparring with each other to expand their territory. Each clan has their own superhuman enforcer, called a Lazarus; the Carlyle family's Lazarus is named Forever. When fixing her all-too-human siblings' problems start putting her in awkward moral corners, she begins questioning her role in maintaining the status quo. Think Game of Thrones meets that Elysium movie with Matt Damon from a few years back.

  BEEN: So from what I understand the non-wealthy live in sort of wastelands and wait to be “lifted up” or raised to a non-disposable sort of status? Is that correct?

  ANDREW: Technically, there's two classes of non-wealthy, Serfs and Waste. Serfs have some function for the families, Waste are just trying to survive--I don't get the impression there's much hope for social advancement among the Waste.

  BEEN: And the Lazarus would protect the family’s interests from other wealthy elites and any over-ambitious non-wealthy?

  ANDREW: Exactly. Most of those threats come from the other wealthy families--Lazari are very hard to kill and highly trained, so anyone that doesn't have one working for them isn't a great concern.