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BEYONDERS #1, by Paul Jenkins and Wesley St. Claire
-- arriving August 29th from Aftershock Comics

  ANDREW: My only issue with Paul Jenkins and Wesley St. Claire's BEYONDERS' opening installment is that it only had two instead of 20 pages of weird facts that may be connected in some mysterious way. Then again, if the creators had done that, we wouldn't have gotten to meet Shadwell the highly intelligent corgi, and I'm apparently now of an age and disposition that all it takes to get me behind a comic is a cute doggo. Well, maybe it takes more than that. But that opening sequence pulled me right in. Actually, pretty much everything about this issue pulled me in. It's a very strong start.

  BEEN: It's a helluva strong start. Besides the one-eyed super-smart corgi (which, honestly, may be enough since apparently I am also of that age and disposition), this first issue has everything! Weird facts, unexplained happenings, internet dating, a plethora of sandwiches, suspicious relatives, intrigue, Mount Everest lore… what more does one WANT from a comic? I mean I suppose if it also came with a real corgi and/or a real sandwich that would be something. But right now I'm hooked as is. The art works really well with the weirdness of the story, for me. It's extremely well done in that it evokes Jake's overall demeanor and the underlying unsettled quality of the narrative in color choice alone at times.

  ANDREW: It's a fun comic, but not a goofy one, you know? Jenkins wrote my all-time favourite Hellblazer run, a career highlight he's never matched, in my book. BEYONDERS is poised to give that a run for its money. I'm trying to think of useful comparisons here and am coming up blank. There's definitely "nothing is what it seems" and grand conspiracy elements reminiscent of The Prisoner or The X-Files, but it's much, muuuuch more light-hearted than those (a feeling compounded by St. Claire's loose, cartoonish art style). And the protagonist is just graduating from high school. And he's got a one-eyed corgi (did we mention the corgi yet?).

  BEEN: Okay, we don't want to spoil it in any way but trust us, it's fun and pretty unique and utterly captivating. Take a chance on a comic about strange historical mysteries, intrigue, cryptography, and did we mention the dog? Written by Paul Jenkins (ALTERS, Wolverine: Origin, Sentry) with Art and Coloring by Wesley St. Claire (FU JITSU, Teen Titans), BEYONDERS arrives from Aftershock Comics on August 29th. Email us to pre-order your copy today! (You won't be disappointed. I mean we told you about the corgi, right?)