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ANIMOSITY, by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre

  BEEN: I know Animosity is more or less about animals. Sentient ones, I believe.

  ANDREW: Jesse's beloved dog, Sandor, just developed speech and self-awareness, along with every other animal in the world. Unlike many of his animal brethren, Sandor knows his purpose almost immediately. He adopts the previously sheltered Jesse as his own, doing what he must to protect the girl from the apocalyptic results of The Wake.

  BEEN: So, then, it involves all animals developing speech and self-awareness but most of them are decidedly unhappy about humanity?

  ANDREW: Off the top of my head, I can't recall if it extends to, say, insects and I don't know if "most" are unhappy about humanity or just a big enough of a chunk to trigger what amounts to the apocalypse. You've got to think there's a few really unimpressed cows out there looking for payback.