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Wonderland Edmonton recognizes the growing significance of comics in libraries and would like to offer the opportunity to acquire these books at a significantly lower price and with less difficulty. Additionally, we also offer the opportunity to have our experienced staff and friends visit your school or library to help educate kids of all ages about the creative benefits of the medium of comics, jobs within the industry and more!









"Teacher Comix" by Rudi Gunther


Wonderland Edmonton is proud to offer Comic Book Fairs to schools and libraries! What makes our book fairs better than anyone else’s?

  1. COMICS! Comic books, collections, graphic novels, manga and more! Tons of new and exciting books for kids!
  2. We’ll have a minimum of 100 different titles to choose from and the selection will be updated frequently!
  3. We handle all the set up, tear down, and tracking of sales!
  4. A knowledgeable Wonderland staff member will be on hand to talk about the products we’re selling!
  5. Wonderland Edmonton will bring 2 comics artists along who will talk one-on-one with the budding creators in your school/library AND do critiques/reviews for them!
  6. Your library will earn 20% of the sales from the fair in product. Promote the fair and bulk up your library!

Check out our spotlight guides featuring the books we think are outstanding and that we’ll make sure we’re well stocked with for your event! You can send either PDF below out to your parents and students in advance and even post it on your websites to help build the buzz! Remember, the more we sell, the more free comics you get for your library!



Wonderland Edmonton is devoted to building new readers, writers, and artists and our book fairs will do just that with our fun and interactive program! Our Comic Book Fairs have even been featured on CTV Edmonton News -
Click here to watch the video clip!


Email to request a book fair and we'll add you to our list!
We'll send a short questionnaire and, when our schedule is set, a list of potential dates for you to choose from.
We offer book fairs on Thursdays or Fridays!
Unfortunately, other days of the week are unavailable due to business operations.

Here's a list of upcoming fairs;

May 28, 19 - Bawlf School (rescheduled) (2 artists needed)
Jun 07, 19 - Lendrum Elementary School, Edmonton (2 artists needed)

We will be reviewing the continuation of the program under the new ownership!

We will consider booking requests for the summer months, but please note that we may not always be able to bring artists due to it being convention season.

ARTISTS – We need your help to inspire comic creators and fans!
Click here to learn more about volunteering at a book fair!



THE WINE AND CHEESE PANELS, An evening for Educators

Wonderland Edmonton is always celebrating the amazing work that teachers, librarians, and educators of all kinds do in their incredibly important profession!

And so, we created the Wine and Cheese Panels, a vital forum for educators to interact with each other, meet comic creators, and stimulate ideas and discussion about the exciting educational horizons opened by comics. Occurring just a couple times a year, FREE OF CHARGE, we’ll invite you to our store to sit and relax, learn about comics, enjoy some refreshments and snacks, and be wowed by special guest speakers that we’ll bring in just to talk to you!

Thurs Oct 18, 2018 - Wine & Cheese Panel #6, with guest AMIE WRIGHT
Chair of the Graphic Novel & Comics Committee of the American Library Association

Our past guests have included Daniel Schneider, Sabrina O'Donnell, Professor David Lewkowich, Scott Meunier, and Faith Erin Hicks!



We want you to have comics in your classrooms and libraries so we do our best to make it easy and affordable!

- a 35% discount on all Marvel and DC Comics (comics books, collected editions, and graphic novels) and 30% off all other publishers off the Canadian cover price. We have access to thousands of titles, including the most popular North American and Japanese (Manga) titles!

- We pick for you! There are so many comics, where do you begin? You don't have to as we'll build you an order based on your budget (and no budget is too small)! We'll also examine your current inventory along with circulation numbers to ensure we make the best picks for you library!

- We provide you an estimate of your order with a chance to review product before anything is ordered. And we invoice with delivery of your comics!

- We maintain a record of your purchases, making future ordering easier! Just request a dollar amount and we can order (when available) the next volumes in series from your previous order!

- Our staff is knowledgeable about all different types of books, not just from reading reviews but from reading thousands of comics. From Superman to Dragonball (wink), our staff covers the bases where knowledge about appropriate material is concerned!
Ask us for recommendations or look below!

- We offer a full return policy for any material for any reason!

Wonderland Edmonton wants to help you build your library to keep kids happy and active!
Email us today to place an order or ask how a monthly comic book subscription can replace and enhance your magazine section!


2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, YALSA

2019 Top Ten Graphic Novels For Teens List, ICv2

Best Comics & Graphic Novels Of 2018, Diamond Bookshelf

2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, YALSA

2018 Top Ten Graphic Novels For Teens List, ICv2

Top 10 Graphic Novels 2017, School Library Journal

Best Teen Graphic Novels and Manga of 2017, Chicago Public Library

Notable Children’s Books of 2017, the New York Times


The selection of titles below was made with classrooms and libraries in mind.
All titles are suitable for display, and the intended audience for each is clearly noted.

- Titles for Kids (Age 6+) - a list of essential titles for kids age 6 and older.

- Titles for Young Adults (Age 13+) - a list of essential titles for young adults age 13 and older.

- Titles for Older Teens (Age 16+) - a list of essential titles for teens age 16 and older.

- Titles for Adults (Age 18+) - a list of essential titles for adults age 18 and older.

If you are interested in adding any of these titles to your library, please call us
at 780-452-8211 or direct your email inquiry to!





Free Comic Book Day - First Saturday of May. Book orders due in January - Contact us for order forms!
Halloween Comicfest - Last Saturday of October. Book orders due in August - Contact us for order forms!
Calgary Comic Expo - Alberta's largest celebration of pop culture, mid-to-late April
Edmonton Entertainment Expo - Last weekend of September, great for local fans
24 Hour Comics Day - Marathon comic creation in early October


Comic Jams! - Improv comic art making! Click this link for an example.
Comic Book Club! - Set up a club with your students to talk about and swap comics!
Comic Art Show! - Have comic-themed artwork by students showcased to the community!
12 Hour Comic Challenge! - the "younger" sibling to the 24 Hour event. Less endurance, more creativity!
Comic Art Battles! - Artists and audience members battling on the art boards for accolades! See one here!

Award-winning store owner Jay Bardyla is available for teacher and librarian conferences across the province (and a bit beyond). Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter to find out how you can bring Wonderland to your region!

We also invite classes and clubs to come to our store to meet our ARTIST-in-RESIDENCE and learn more about the creation of comic art. Please stay tuned, and subscribe to our monthly Newsletter!

View the monthly newsletter here.

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Since 2007, our staff and volunteers have travelled to hundreds of schools and libraries across Alberta and Saskatchewan to talk to thousands of students, teachers, librarians, and parents about comics; how they are made, their history, career opportunities, and more.



"I was a little nervous about coming in as I have never been to this store before. The customer service was exceptional, from the floor staff to the cashier! Everyone was so chill, relaxed and friendly. As so, the culture and atmosphere was very warm and welcoming! One of your floor staff was quite knowledgeable about comic books for children and I really appreciate her willingness to help me out and direct me to the staff picks board! I came that day really to purchase new reading material for my class that I teach in St. Albert as many of the boys love comic books and graphic novels. I can say for sure this will be my new store to spend my classroom budget on to find comics!"

Tyng Ho
Teacher, St. Albert

"We’ve ordered all our graphic novels from them… they’re a bunch of great people. They have our collection of graphic novels on file and when we want to order more they just look up our order and send us additional volumes of what we already have… at this point he even delivers our order personally, it’s great."

Sherry Kavanagh
J. Percy Page Senior High School

"I’ve been shopping at Happy Harbor Comics since September 2006 for graphic novels & comics for our school library and the selection is amazing!!!!!! The staff is so knowledgeable in helping choose the books that are perfect for our students! They make it so easy, all I have to do is call in and say I want to spend this much money of this age group and I have an excellent selection in a few days. As well, the pricing they offer to schools can’t be beat out there. I highly recommend them, so check them out!"

Tammy Bassindale
Balwin Library, Edmonton

"Happy Harbor Comics suggested a fantastic list of graphic novels to get our high school library’s collection started. They have kept a record of our collection and help us continue to collect and expand. The advice that we have received has been invaluable and the service is great."

Jan Jorgensen
J. Percy Page High School, Edmonton