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Happy Harbor Employment Opportunity!

We're looking for a full-time business savvy geek who wants to learn more about the nitty-gritty of the comics industry and who wants to gain significant retail operations experience.

General Manager Position
Resumes relevant to the position are to be delivered in person between
Feb 20 to 24 and Feb 27 to Mar 3.
Interviews will be conducted between Mar 6 and Mar 10.
The position will begin Mar 27 or earlier depending on availability.

General Duties include, but are not limited to;
- Handling and tracking customer inquiries and requests via email, phone and in person
- File customer account management, including new application review and delinquent files
- Staff training
- Inventory management
- Operations manual development
These tasks will require learning our operating procedures and equipment.
Knowledge of Microsoft Access is a considerable bonus.
Previous General Manager experience is a must. Extensive knowledge about comics is a must.

Advanced duties, later in employment, will include but will not be limited to;
- Product ordering
- Staff hiring/discipline
- Event management
- Social media engagement

Salary to be negotiated but applications should contain an expectation.
Schedule will be 40 hours per week, days and times to be determined.
Robust medical benefits package with 50% cost coverage and a store discount applied after 3 months of successful advancement.