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Our store was the first store in Edmonton to offer Fair Pricing on all comics; our practice of pricing all of our books based on the Canadian Exchange rate at the time of our purchase. This means a fair price for everyone all the time with no memberships fees. Every item has a price on it you can see so you know what you are paying before you get to the till.
We do offer file subscription services, based on your name, which gives our staff the opportunity to get to know who you are and what you like.

Looking to start a pull file with us?
We apologise, but due to ongoing technical issues with our file management system,
we are unable to accept new file applications at this time.


WonderHarbour is dedicated to growing the hobby, bringing in new readers to help the industry stay healthy. We do as much as we can to attract new fans but we use your help! The full conditions for setting up a file are as follows;

There's no charge for a file but we request pick-ups at least once every two weeks (see below for more details why). As an additional benefit to having a file, we offer a 10% discount on all merchandise; t-shirts, toys, posters, statues and more (excluding consignment items)!
WonderHarbour offers Western Canada's only online file customer service. You can view your account any time through our Online Hub. There you can see what's in your file, your current balance, what you have on order and more! Your file also gives you first preference on advance orders, which is helpful for those collectors of variant cover comic books.

Our FILES FIRST initiative gets you first crack at new comic collections that we purchase, movie passes, special sale offers, and keeps you in the loop about other cool community events that could use your talents and support! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group for more great events and discussions!

Of course, we also take requests for special orders, online orders and offer a layaway service. Make sure to browse our website to see our IN STOCK page (with images for the merchandise) and our online advance order form from Diamond Distribution to help ensure you get everything you want. You'll also get email verifications to help you keep track of your orders.

Don't live in Edmonton? WonderHarbour does mail order throughout North America via Canada Post, so your package is insured and traceable. We mail out once a month, always upon the release of the latest PREVIEWS catalogue which typically happens on the last Wednesday of the month. We send out notices at least 4 days before shipping in case you need to make any adjustments.

Sound right for you? You can visit the store to fill out the file application, or download a File Application PDF and bring it in!


WonderHarbour prides itself on having Alberta's widest selection of comics and plenty of staff on hand to assist you in the store. Coupled with our online services, we are a store unlike any other in Western Canada.
To continue providing the excellent service you've come to expect, WonderHarbour requires the co-operation of our file holders. To help understand our policies, we'd like to offer some insight into how our file orders work;

In light of the preceding facts, the following rules are being added to our file service so that we can maintain our high standard of service to the WonderHarbor community.

Help keep WonderHarbour healthy and thriving so we can continue to serve you and support the community!