From the Daily MTG: The Week That Was on Sept. 25, 09
Reporting on the 2,000,000th DCI Magic event at HH

You may recall that in 2006 the DCI ran its 1,000,000th sanctioned tournament. Amazingly, just three years later, in the wake of the creation of the Wizards Play Network, the DCI passed the 2,000,000 mark this past week at Happy Harbor Comics Volume 3 (it is one of three stores in a small chain) in Edmonton, Canada. The event was an eight-person Standard tournament organized by Jason Bardyla and Yves Lafleur. Level 4 judge Jason Ness surprised the tournament participants with an official Wizards visit to bring pizza and soda to the attendees and augment the prize pool with fifty assorted foils from throughout FNM history, including the very first FNM foil, River Boa.