Address: 10502 - 105 Avenue in Edmonton, AB, Canada       Phone: (780) 425-8481       Email:

The original HH logo, created by Terry Mah, served the company proudly for 6 years!

It all began in the fall of 1999. HH Edmonton began as a Direct Sales Outlet, not a full retail store, building a reputation for excellent customer service through custom ordering. Our first physical retail location was in Jasper, Alberta.
In 2005 we moved into an upper-floor location in Edmonton's 124th Street district, which served us well for a solid 5 years. We partnered with Metropolis Toys in 2007 to open a second location in northeast Edmonton, and shortly thereafter a third location just off Whyte Avenue was opened. Then in 2010 we had an opportunity to relocate our primary location a few blocks away to a nearby basement location (over twice the floor space) on Jasper Ave and 122st. Alas, we only had a year there before the building got demolished.

HH vol.1 logo

HH vol.2 logo

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After having spent a total of six years in the 124th Street district, we moved and re-opened at our new (and current) location in downtown Edmonton on November 1, 2011.

We have a 4,600 sq/ft store as the greatest club-house for comic & pop culture fans anywhere! The best and largest selection of new comics in Edmonton, back issues, toys, posters, games and more will be in-stock and serviced with the friendly and knowledgeable staff you have come to expect from this award-winning business.

We have dedicated gaming space with comfortable chairs that allow for all sorts of events with the ability to seat up to 40 people for performances, tournaments, or other events (wedding receiptions, for example!).  Happy Harbor will provide the best in comfort for all types of hobbyists!  


The owner of Metropolis Toys, Max Palmer, had been an avid fan of comic books for most of his life. After completing an extensive business plan the first store was opened in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, in 1999. The name of the store then was "Just a Little Left of Reality". After being open for three years the mall that the store was located in was purchased by another development company and the new company had plans to demolish the mall and re-develop the site. Since he was unable to find another location that would be suitable for the store, he closed it and returned to Edmonton.

When Max returned to Edmonton he had plans to re-open the store, but ended up selling through a website and eBay for about three years instead. They shipped about 30,000 packages during that time period and gained a loyal customer base. At the beginning of 2004 it was decided that they would open a new store in Edmonton at the end of the year. So, on October 1, 2004, he opened the doors of Metropolis Toys, Games & Gifts.

In April and December of 2007 Metropolis teamed up with Happy Harbor Comics to open a second and third location in the Edmonton area. In October 2008, Metropolis joined the Happy Harbor Group of Companies, and Max moved on to spend time with his family and do other things. In August of 2009, due to economic turmoil, the Metropolis store closed it's doors for the last time.