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It's the debut of Happy Harbor's very first international comic! Featuring the return of some great classic characters by their original creators, this (relatively) ad-free 32 page comic is a fantastic, fun read!

Opening with a short story about how Licensable Bear came to be the official spokescritter fo HH, the book moves into the first BRAND-NEW "Crossfire" story in more than a decade! Written by it's creator, Mark Evanier ("Groo") and drawn by comic art veteran Dan Spiegle, this murder mystery story will be easily enjoyed by fans new and old alike!

The second lost classic in the book is a new tale from "Journey", the first in over 15 years! Original creator Bill Messner-Loebs has returned to showcase his main character Wolverine McAllister as an excellent primer to the July release of the original "Journey" comics from IDW!

Sandwiched in-between is a comical tale from superstar comedian Heywood Banks and a two page featurette from local Alberta talent Daniel Schneider!

And there's even more!

This super-packed comic is available today at finer comic shops and Happy Harbor! Wait... that doesn't sound right. Oh well, get to your local comic shop and buy (or order) your copies today!!



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Here's an email from a reader:

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I enjoyed Many Happy Returns. I like the Journey story and I really liked seeing a new Crossfire story. That was the cream of the crop.

I didn't particularly care for Licensable Bear or the Heywood Banks thing, although I did think that the Daniel Schneider two-pager was funny. In lieu of LB or Banks I would have preferred to see more of Journey or especially Crossfire. Even more Daniel Schneider would have been fine. Although I should say that I did like the very last LB strip where he Satisfies a Customer.

Perhaps you had less of Journey and Crossfire in order to include these (I'm assuming) Canadian creators. If that is the case, may I suggest either White Ninja or Canadiana

All in all, I am glad to see something like this published. Hopefully, there will be more. If there is you can count on me as a customer. Thanks!

And the comments don't stop there:

Dear Many Happy Returners,

Thank you all for putting together this comic. In this era so many stories involve lengthy crises and uncivil wars, requiring the purchase of a substantial stack of books to acquire the whole tale. It is both rare and refreshing to read a book of self-contained stories featuring a variety of styles. Following are a few thoughts on each of the contributions.

Licensable Bear: This was my first exposure to the character, Nat Gertler provides several amusing stories, with a healthy dose of satire. Rusty Haller's artwork inspires some enjoyable background-searching for all the humerous details.

Crossfire: Although familiar with the title and its creators, this again was the first time I had read a story. This was a nice, straightforward detective story with solid artwork . I intend to follow the Bear's advice and track down a few back issues.

Perry Had a Pimple: It was an unexpected treat to find Heywood Banks material in a comic format! His tunes are hilarious, and Mr. Haller does a fine job translating this song to visual form. If you take requests for a future issue, may I suggest "Frosty the Bluesman"?

General Chatters: It's always interesting to be introduced to new talent. This was a rather strange story, but of course many of us have an affinity for oddity. Hope to see more from Mr. Schneider in the future!

Journey: This was the reason I initially purchased this book. Sixteen years is way too long to wait for another visit with "Old Joss". Thanks so much for the opportunity to revisit the Michigan frontier. I hope Mr. Loebs knows how much pleasure his work has brought to his fans through the years.

In closing, thanks again to all those involved in this comic. There are many other returns one might hope for; of course more Journey would be wonderful.

Efforts such as this should be rewarded with greater circulation and recognition. In this spirit, both of my sons (second generation comics fans) will be receiving copies of Many Happy Returns with urging to spread the word.

Good luck to you all, and here's hoping to see more "Returns" next year.