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For a full 48 hours, from Friday December 4 at 5:00pm through Sunday December 6 at 5:00pm, Happy Harbor Comics joined other Edmonton businesses and organizations and an enthusiastic public to say Goodbye, Hello! to the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM) as they prepared to move to a brand new location.

Happy Harbor's

Heroically Supporting the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation

HH rallied 27 of Alberta's finest comic writers and artists to help make this
record setting comic, from concept to completion, in 48 hours straight!
Look down the page to see the list of creators!

Comic Size
6"x9" : $8.00
$2 donated to the EPSF
8"x13" : $20.00
$5 donated to the EPSF
Limited print run
40"x31" : $300
$20 donated to the EPSF
Print to order only!

Event photo (right) courtesy of Dale Youngman of Pagemaster Publication Services

Not only does the mammoth comic book incorporate the RAM, it also features another significant educational organization: the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation (EPSF), for whom the project was used as a fundraising tool. The story also includes 9 very special Edmontonians whose generous donations secured them a place in history as characters in The Fantastic Amazers! Thanks to them and the dozens of other donors during the event, the project raised $2700 during the weekend to help fund full day kindergarten in targeted areas of Edmonton!

Who helped make this astounding feat happen?

Image Comics' KYLE CHARLES ('68, Roche Limit)
Zenoscope's JAMES GOODWIN (Dark Shaman, Wonderland Asylum)
Black Mask & BOOM! Studio's CHRIS PETERSON (Mayday, Broken World)
multiple award winning author MINISTER FAUST (Shrinking the Heroes)
Renegade Art's JEFF MARTIN (Redcoats-ish)
IDW and Image Comics' VIC MALHOTRA (Thumbprint, X-Files, Roche Limit)
Calgary creators Erin Millar, Nathan Millar, and Nick Johnson!
Edmonton creators Daniel Schneider, Sylvia Moon, Johnni Kok, Simon Oleny, Daniel Hackborn, Andrew Foley,
Pierre Mallais, Rudi Gunther, Malissa Sekela, Perry Parker, Tracey Risser, Melanie O'Donnell,
Dean Welsh, Gabrielle deGouw, Robin Morley, and Jay Bardyla!

For more information, visit our RAM Marathon Comic Press Release page!