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140 PAGES - $10.95


  On March 15, 2008, Happy Harbor once again issued a challenge to creators to raise a few bucks, grab a seat in the store and crank out 12 pages in 12 hours.  Eleven artists showed up with $1200 raised for Edmonton Big Brothers Big Sisters and produced over 130 pages of wonderful comic art. Normally for these challenges, each artist works on their own story, but for this event, the artists got one hour to contribute one full page to the story before passing it along! So, as you can see, every participans worked on all the stories in this book!   We compiled the work (with the assistance of the brilliant Stephen Dafoe) and have made it available in early March 2009.  And in a continuing effort to raise money for charity, a further $1.00 from the sale of each book will go towards Edmonton Big Brothers Big Sisters, so help out a great cause today!

Cover Design by Stephen Dafoe