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HH publishes material based on a number of our special events,
and we are proud to present:


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To participate in future books, keep an eye on our events calendar for our special drawing events, or direct your request for information to Jay Bardyla at (780)452-8211 or via email at

Here is a list of books that we've published, but are now out of print (kept here for archival's sake, so you can still find out what they were all about):

the Charitable Art
of Greg Tymofichuk

Girls Drawn Wild

Happy Harbor's 2005
12 Hr Comic Challenge

Coming up in the publishing queue:  

Happy Harbor's 2016
24Hr Comic Challenge

Happy Harbor's 2013
12Hr Comic Challenge

Happy Harbor's 2010
24Hr Comic Challenge

Happy Harbor's 2009
24Hr Comic Challenge

What was
Tales from the Harbor?

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