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In-Store signing with
Bob Prodor and James Davidge
Saturday September 14, 12-3pm

Wonderland / Happy Harbor proud to present local artist Bob Prodor and Calgary-based writer James Davidge and their new graphic novel from Renegade Arts Entertainment entitled 1st Legion of Utopia.

1st Legion of Utopia is about the 1932 founding meeting of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), Canada's first party dedicated to the needs of workers and farmers. The turmoil of the 1930s galvanizes Canadians to rise up and fight for social welfare and universal healthcare. Despite violent opposition from the government and corporate elite, Holly Burnside and Brian Mah join the fight. Their gender and sexual identities used against them, they face grave risks for the cause they truly believe in.

Both James and Bob will be on hand to sell signed copies of this fantastic new book (as well as any other of their other works patrons wish to purchase), and chat with anyone lucky enough to come out and meet this very talented duo.