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Drawn to Write
Kids Comics Anthology Book Launch

Saturday September 12, 2015
1pm - 3pm

Celebrate Comics by Kids for Kids… and Everyone Else!

Making comics takes imagination and as we learned at Drawn to Write, Happy Harbor's Youth Comic Camp this August, no one's imagination is more powerful than a kids! In its inaugural year, Drawn to Write welcomed a stellar group of aspiring comic creators aged 9 to 12 into our Happy Harbor headquarters to learn all about making comic books, from story building and character design to visual development and art techniques - with plenty of fun and games in the mix!

At the end of 3 days each camper had applied everything they had learned from our expert instructors to create their own one page comic masterpieces filled with their unique imagination. Now their creations have been collected into the first ever volume of Drawn to Write's Kids Comic Anthology!

On September 12 we celebrated the achievements of these comic creators-in-the-making at a book launch party where each of the contributors met the public and signed their names to their work. It was a huge success with more than a hundred copies of the books being scooped up in two hours! Don't worry; there are still some copies left - you can pick up your copy and see what the next generation of comic creators can do! Order your copy through our website today!

  • Ella Jaye, age 11
  • Stephen, age 9
  • Duncan, age 12
  • Lily, age 9
  • Nicholas, age
  • Arthur, age 10
  • Nigel, age 11
  • Gunnar, age 9
  • Jadyn, age 12
  • Taylor, age 10

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