Address: 10729 - 104 Avenue in Edmonton, AB, Canada       Phone: (780) 452-8211       Email:


Open Door Comics is a creators group where everyone is invited to join in! It mainly consists of a group of Edmonton-based comic creators, but is open to anyone of any skill level. If you're looking to meet other artists and writers, want to glean some tricks and tips to help your own work, or want to share what you've already done, then please consider stopping by for one of the meetings! Don't miss out on our skill-sharing workshops and drawing exercises that are free for anyone to participate in!

Date/Time: Second and Fourth Thursday of every month @ 7:00 pm (usually)
Location: Happy Harbor Comics (10729 - 104 Ave)

Coming up: Don't forget to mark your calendars for Dec.13
It's time for the annual Secret Santa Sketch Swap!

  Live Animal Drawing Session Photos (2012)  

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