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Crafty Krampus Night

A fun-filled and festive evening of holiday mayhem! We tailored the game Werewolf to suit a Krampus theme! So festive! Attendees brought knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, card-making projects to work on while they played, too. It was a Krampus Craft and Kill adventure. But festive!
Big thanks to Alexa Thompson, our Krampus hostess with the mostest.


Life After Workplace Harassment

An evening of discussion, honesty, and supportive talk about what workplace harassment looks like, what it takes to speak out, what support networks are available, and how to survive.

Brittany Rudyck spoke about her recent experience with workplace harassment and how she rose up and survived the aftermath. LGN has been in conversations with both the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton and the University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre and the panel will include female speakers from those organizations to offer practical, encouraging discussion on how to move forward from harassment and assault. The panel will be moderated by Meagan Schirrmacher who works as a Resiliency Development Manager – Youth Specialist for Alta Care Resources.

It's a topic nobody likes to address but an important subject that we all need to know we're not alone in. You're not alone.

For more information: Facebook Event, Twitter, Instagram, LGN blog


Klassic Mario Kart Tournament

A big-screen KLASSIC Mario Kart adventure. Come out to watch, discuss classic gaming, play Mario Kart, and challenge other LGN attendees to win prizes in LGN's first-ever klassic video game night. Yeah, KLASSIC KICKS!


Women in Tech and Gaming
Who’s behind the games we play? Who’s powering that website you’re visiting? With guests from Canada Learning Code, Beamdog, and BioWare we will be discussing the world of technology and video games. This will be a moderated panel with a Q&A to follow.

Our Guest Speakers:

Canada Learning Code: Bree Emmerson
Beamdog: Robyn Theberge
Self-Employed: Kris Schoneberg
BioWare: Kristen Schanche
BioWare: Brianne Battye


Boards N Brews
We visited Board N Brew Cafe (9929 103 St NW, Edmonton) where we rolled dice, played cards, and strategized over the tabletop.


the Holiday Craft Fair
December brought us our annual Holiday Craft Fair! We set up tables in our event space that allowed 12 vendors to promote themselves and sell some of their awesome items to our pop culture clientele.


We talked about books, publishing, editing, and all manner of tips and thoughts on writing with respect to National Novel Writing Month.

With special guests:

Cassandra Weir, National Novel Writing Month Municipal Liaison for the Edmonton Region as well as an avid writer of fiction.
Susan MacGregor author of the history inspired fantasy “The Tattooed Witch” novels.
Taryn Leigh Taylor author of steamy Harlequin Blaze novel “Kiss And Makeup”


Women in Horror panel
We discussed the horror genre from feminist points of view in varying disciplines - both creative and critical. Featuring Lacey Paige (writer & organizer of Dedfemme), Lindsey McNeill (local horror filmmaker/writer) and Meagan Schirrmacher (horror model and enthusiast).

More information on the LGN blog


Board Game Day
We hosted an afternoon of rolling dice, playing cards, and strategizing over the tabletop!
A couple of experts from Board N Brew Cafe taught our members how to play Betrayal At the House On The Hill and T.I.M.E. Stories.


Sex, Gender, & Robots

Why are robots gendered and should we be having sex with them? We joined Dr. Kristen Hutchinson to discuss the prevalence of female robots in popular culture & society.

Further information can be found on the LGN blog.


Bring Your Own Craft Night
Bring your knitting, drawing, sculpting, carving, colouring, cross-stitch, and any other crafty work you have in progress for a couple hours of socialization and some dedicated time to work on your project. Tea and cookies provided by LGN.


What is Bujo?
The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less. (source:


Local Indie Comics
We hosted a presentation and discussion about independent local comics! Happy Harbor Comic’s current Artist-in-Residence Joanne Wojtysiak along with Allison Paige, Amber Noelle, Maija Plamondon and Carrie Q. Contrary talked with us about their work on comics, their style & subject matter, and about the Happy Harbor Artist-in-Residence Program.

Further information can be found on the LGN blog.


LGN Wizards House Cup
Attendees were sorted into houses and then played trivia and miniature Quiddich. There were magical prizes for winning teams and the house champion. Muggles were also welcome to spectate and socialize.


Writing FAQ
We hosted a panel discussion about books, publishing, editing, and all things writing. We had special guests speaking about their various experiences. Who joined us?

Karin Weekes, Lead Editor at BioWare
Kate Boorman, author of the Winterkill novels
Cassandra Weir, Municipal Liaison in Edmonton for National Novel Writing Month


A Very Special Halloween Screening
Halloween is upon us! We screened some of our fave spooky episodes. Here is what we showed this year:
- Community "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps"
- Brooklyn 99 "Halloween I"
- Halloween Tree


Cosplay 101
A special cosplay tutorial panel! Need tips and tricks for your next Cosplay make up and props? We are bringing you a few different tutorials to help you with different make-up styles and prop construction.


the Science Behind Jurassic World
Jurassic World was a summer hit, and the Jurassic Park movie franchise has entranced moviegoers for over twenty years. Explore a palaeontologist’s perspective: What’s real and what’s made up? And what’s the impact of the movie dinosaur on science and society? Presented by paleontologists Angelica Torices and Katerine Bramble


LGN hosted another game night! We had some classic games and played some favorite games, along with a protoype game designed by a couple of local creators!


LGN celebrated one of geekdom's great fandoms, Star Wars!
Special costumed guests, a Rogue One trailer screening, games and more at Happy Harbor Comics - May the Force Be With You!


LGN Presented "From Vampires to Zombies: Supernatural Creatures in Contemporary Art, Film & TV"
Stories about vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, witches, and zombies have flourished in art, film, and television during the last decade. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Conjuring and The Walking Dead, Kristen Hutchinson discussed why she thinks the supernatural is so popular in contemporary visual culture.


LGN is hosted another Drink 'N' Draw at Pub 1905.

Bring your sketch books, pens, pencils, markers, that project your working on, note books, etc. to the pub and hang out with the ladies.

Pub 1905 menu:


One of LGNYEG's favourite meetings happened again: LADY GEEKs uNITE BOARD GAME NIGHT! Games like Cosmic Encounter, Mansions of Madness, Gloom and other great games made a reappearance at Happy Harbor Comics.


Thank you to everyone, regulars and newcomers, who came out to our free screening of "Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines"

More about the film here:, and here are some of the books we mentioned if you're interested in more Wonder Woman specific history:

"Wonder Woman Unbound"
"The Secret History of Wonder Woman"
Also, on the website for the documentary we watched there is an awesome resources list to check out:


Guest Speaker: Mckenzie Fleming

Ever want to know how to play a Dungeons & Dragons game? Thought about expanding your gaming or role-playing knowledge? Want to know more about DMing and unsure where to start?
You've come to the right place!
LGNYEG presents D&D FAQ with guest speaker Mckenzie Fleming. It's an introduction to the basics of role-playing gaming jam packed with facts, tips, a live demo, and a Q&A.


Halloween Scary Featurettes
LGNYEG celebrated all things spooky with a screening of some of our favourite Hallowe’en specials!!


Getting ready for the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo? Putting together your newest costume creation? Trying something new? In search of ideas, tips, and tricks? LGN is bringing in some of our costume-creative members to present cosplay tutorials just for you! Tutorials will range from styling wigs, make-up application, sewing skills, and more.


Naked Cyber Cafe (10303 - 108 St)

LGNYEG hosted our first 18+ event: the Hot’n’Bothered Erotic Comics Summer Meltdown! We held a panel and discussion about the creation, distribution, past and present of all things naughty comics. LGN co-founder Sylvia D presented examples of erotic comics from decades gone by and current anthologies like Smut Peddler and more. Comics have always been a medium to explore cultural taboos so it only makes sense that sex and sexuality have made their mark in the industry. The discussion focused on the results of women’s involvement in the erotic comics genre.


Summer is here and that means LADY GEEKs uNITE is going to be hosting a summer craft market! Come on down to Happy Harbor Comics to check out local artisans wares, join us for refreshments, and enjoy the summer weather. The bay door of Happy Harbor will be opened up to let the summer time in and there will be lots of local vendors selling their unique items and goodies. Please stay tuned for our vendor list!


One of LGNYEG's favourite meetings happened again: LADY GEEKs uNITE TABLE TOP EDITION! Games like King of Tokyo, Setters of Catan, Star Trek Catan, Gloom, and many more made a reappearance at Happy Harbor Comics.


Fanfiction, what is it? When did it start happening? Is there any good Fanfiction out there? How far back in history does fanfiction writing go? What is the etiquette of fanfiction communities? These questions and more were answered by Fanfiction enthusiast Suzette Chan, Sequential Tart writer.


Crafting Party

LADY GEEKs uNITE hosted an all-ages craft making party! We provided materials to create hand-made Valentines, and got crafty with a geeky twist. Also, we got glitter everywhere! All ages were welcome with their parents/guardians.


Movie Night

She Makes Comics traces the fascinating history of women in the comics industry. Despite popular assumptions about the comics world, women have been writing, drawing, and reading comics since the medium’s beginnings in the late 19th century. And today, there are scores of women involved in comics and its vibrant fan culture. Featuring dozens of interviews with such vital figures as Ramona Fradon, Trina Robbins, Joyce Farmer, Karen Berger, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Becky Cloonan, She Makes Comics is the first film to bring together the most influential women of the comics world.


Holiday Craft Market

LGNYEG's first ever Craft Market was a great success and it's thanks to the local ladies that sold their wares and everyone who came down to Happy Harbor to support the talent and purchase some excellent gifts!

There were a variety of items to ogle, from pins and jewelry to letter press prints and glorious baking. Since the event was so much fun for all involved we are in the planning stages of an even larger craft market that will likely happen in the Spring/Summer of 2015.

So, stay in touch by joining the LADY GEEKs uNITE Facebook group, following us on Twitter @lgnyeg, or just ask a Happy Harbor staff member for more information.


Table Top Gaming, curated edition

Given the success of LGNYEG’s tabletop meetings we invited you to join us and play board games again! We had Settlers of Catan, King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride, and Gloom set up and ready to play. Each game had a veteran running the game so new players had no need to fear the unknown, and could concentrate on having fun!


“Gear Up for Halloween” Cosplay Panel
Special Guests: Kristen Welker and Laila Aslund

The spookiest month of the year is the perfect time for disguises! LGNYEG hosted a panel of Cosplayers to tell us about how and why they cosplay, show off their creations, and answered questions about costuming.

In addition to the panel, we challenged LGNYEG to “All Hallows Read”. If you haven’t heard of it before, visit, and hear about All Hallow Read from it’s creator Neil Gaiman! All month long LGNYEG will be posting about scary books on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr and encourages you to join in the fun.



We held a special Lady Geek Fundraiser for GEARS, where we invited the public to meet the furry friends we’ve been helping with our auctions. There were some awesome auction items from San Diego Comic Con that helped us continue our fundraiser efforts! And there were even a handful of Stormtroopers from the local 501st Legion chapter keeping an eye on the proceedings.


For Love and Justice In the Name of the Moon: we invite you, the Lady Geeks of Edmonton, to a free screening of the first two episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal! Sailor Moon Crystal is the reboot of the beloved series written and animated to follow the manga more closely. So far, Sailor Scouts around the world are reuniting with this childhood favorite and loving it. So, lady geeks unite the name of the Moon!


Bring Your Own Board Game with LADY GEEKs uNITE

August 7th we, the lady geeks, converged at Happy Harbor for hours of board game shenanigans! We encouraged people to try games that were new to them with one or two other experienced players. Groups broke off and the games began: the classic Settlers of Catan had players cursing the dice and the surplus of bricks, the sorrowful yet hysterical card game Gloom was perfectly miserable, Pirate Flux seemed to be addictive and had players itching for more, and Smallworld took a little more set up and learning but was a success once everyone got going.

Sylvia Moon also provided a diverse sampling of Indie Comics she has collected over the years from conventions as well as Happy Harbor Comics local comics section...

Artist Alleys, creator booths, small time vendors; all places to find indie comics. Indie comics bring a new taste to the reading palette which can be inviting if you've only been downing fatty junk food superhero comics. Indie comics have no specific genre, they can be about anything and paced at any speed. Creators of indie comics are doing it for themselves, your direct contribution to their endeavour is a bigger gesture to the local comic community than buying another New 52 title. These stories are personal, they take you on journeys into the scene of where ever the indie comic came from, the collected thoughts and manifests of artists, the experimenting they tried. They give you a humanist perspective because these comics are made with love, with no other intention but to tell the author's story. If these reasons alone are not enticing enough to try finding indie comics at the next convention you attend, maybe you're journey into comics is not as deep as you wanted it to be. Indie comics make great additions to collections because maybe that indie comic you picked up from an artist will be the next big read. They're affordable, fun, and unique.

Some types of indie comics are:

So the next time you see an artist with a comic book, give it a flip and maybe you'll see a comic worth reading sans the hype department.

Thank you to everyone who came out and played games with us! We’ll do it again sometime!


For the July 3rd meeting we had the pleasure of having guests J. Torres, Scott Chantler, Scott Kowalchuk and Adrian Alphona for a Q&A session. For a smaller crowd, we sure had a lot of great questions. We learned about the upcoming True Patriot 2 book, which had a lot of the ladies excited because it’s Canadian content!


This was the most successful meeting yet! We had Liz from GEARS let us know what our money that has been raised can pay for at the vet, which is surprisingly a lot! We ended up raising $113.10 this meeting, thank to our snacks for the movie and a sweet auction item signed by special guest Mark Meer.

The movie, you ask? We watched a fan-made Mass Effect film titled Red Sand which you can see here: and had a Q&A with Commander Shepard himself, Mark Meer afterwards. A good night with great ladies!


We had a blast at tonight’s meeting where we shared what comics got us into reading comics. A lot of us started with Saturday morning newspaper comics and Archie, where as some had the luck of starting with Tales From the Crypt and Jack Kirby. As for what keeps us into comics, we discussed Rat Queens as one of the most popular titles to keep us going on with our addiction. We also gave a crash course on Free Comic Book Day taking place on May 3rd.

A few of us went to the Calgary Expo and shared our experience there as well. The “Cosplay is Not Consent” campaign was a popular topic of discussion, and had some great positive feedback from a few of us, and we look forward to many conventions following suit. Greg Rucka’s blog post was also a hot topic, and it’s great to have the comic industry behind us as well. His autographed copy of Lazarus went for $40, which will be donated to GEARS (Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society)

We also took pictures for the We Are Comics tumblr

In total we raised over $100 again for GEARS through our silent auction. (A final total will come soon!)


For our first meeting we asked you to bring your favourite comic (book, trade or GN) and we discussed why we love it and had a book swap with interested parties.

This way we all met each other and learned about new comics to add to our personal libraries. Cupcakes were provided by @CandidGamera for the inaugural meeting.