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Ladies, are you looking for a safe, welcoming space in which to geek out? Look no further!

What is #LGNYEG?

Itís an opportunity for Geek-savvy ladies to come together to unite in their geeky glory!

Next In-Store Event: March 7, 2019 - TBA

Future Events will include: Guest speakers, Movie nights, Board Game nights, Crafting nights and much more!

Stay tuned to find out what is coming up in 2019, or keep an eye on the blog for more info!

For more information about this month's recommendations, visit the LGN Blog

Not a lady but want to join in on the cool activies? As long as youíre a guest of a lady attending the event, youíre good to go. Please keep in mind that we want everyone to feel welcome.*

Our Facebook Group! Our Twitter account is @lgnyeg, or use #LGNYEG to grab our attention!

* Lady Geek Nite, along with their host space, Happy Harbor Comics, strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.
Please be mindful of this as people demonstrating repeated insensitive behaviour will not be invited to return and/or asked to leave the event.