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An evening of appreciation for teachers and librarians!

Wine and Cheese Panels #6

October 18th, 2018 - 6:30PM

Comics Can Make You Smarter:
Creating Comics Advocacy, Collections, and Curriculum Use at your School

An Evening for Educators

Gentrification (Ms. Marvel), Civil Rights (MARCH), Nuclear Non Proliferation (Barefoot Gen), and the War of 1812 (Redcoats-ish) are just a few of the texts and topics currently taught in classrooms. Learn some basic decoding techniques for working with graphic novels - adapted from primary source document analysis - to utilize comic panels with students (and educators) to enhance, enrich, and even build whole units on civic engagement, cultural literacy, folklore, and even STEM – yes, even (and especially) STEM.

AMIE WRIGHT is the Co-Chair of Convention Planning for the American Library Association Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table. In this role Amie plans, organizes, supports, and signal boosts professional development sessions for librarians and educators throughout North America working with schools, libraries, creators, and comic publishers.

A current library manager here in Edmonton, Amie worked for New York Public Library for 5+ years and created NYCC @ NYPL - a full day of professional development sessions for New York Comic Con hosted at the New York Public Library.
When she is not planning comics and graphic novel panels, Amie speaks widely on advocacy, educational use, and collection development for comics and graphic novels. Most recently she presented at San Diego Comic Con and the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

Follow Amie @librarylandia for suggestions on comics, education, or both.


As the role of comic books and graphic novels in the classroom and beyond continues to gain the support of educators around the world, the space reserved for them in libraries and schools grows; but no two educational environments are alike, and it can be difficult to assess which materials will best fill those spaces. Happy Harbor can help navigate the world of sequential storytelling. We know you want comics in your classrooms and libraries. We also know there’s a lot of comics out there and finding the right books can be very intimidating. To help combat these issues, Happy Harbor wants to give you the opportunity to learn more, be entertained, and even get some personalized shopping done.

Between Language Arts and Visual Arts, there are the Sequential Arts.