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Happy Harbor Comics' Activity Camps for Aspiring Comics Creators

Melding words and pictures, comics have a unique power to harness the imagination's creative storytelling potential.
Happy Harbor Comics' Drawn to Write Camps will lead campers into this fantastic world of comics creation.

For Ages 9+

July 19-21, 2017
8:30AM - 4:00PM

Application Deadline:
July 16, 2017

For Ages 13+

July 26-28, 2017
8:30AM - 4:00PM

Application Deadline:
July 16, 2017

Tuition: $225 + GST*
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For Ages 15+


Please Note: Age limits for "To Be Continued" will be waived for younger campers who
have done "In the Beginning" two or more times and would like to advance.

* Please note that this fee includes a $45 non-refundable fee. No refunds will be made if an applicant is accepted into the camp but cancels his/her registration after the deadline of July 16th, 2017. However, a full refund will be made in the event the applicant is not accepted into the program. The tuition fee includes instruction, art supplies, a daily snack, a printed anthology of the comics created at the camp, and a launch party for the final anthology project.

the Curriculum

Each of these day camps is divided into a writing and drawing component, featuring interactive exercises designed to develop skills in the written and illustrated components of comics creations. Each camp will get progressively more detailed and delve into deeper subjects in the creation process. Campers should be prepared to draw all day, and as well as enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the comics medium and the creative community behind it. These curriculums have been prepared with care by instructors with years of experience in education, fine arts, and comic book creation.

In the Beginning:
Campers will be taken step by step through the process of creating a comic, as well as enjoying fun comic-related activities. By the end of the camp, they will have each created a 1-page comic.

To Be Continued:
Campers will be taken through advanced techniques in graphic storytelling, idea creation and development, and learn more about the business side of comic book creation. By the end of the camp, they will have each created a 1-page comic which will be published in an anthology.

Launch Party:
In order to give Drawn-to-Writers the full experience of publishing a comic, all participants of Drawn to Write are strongly encouraged to attend the anthology launch party, where they will sign comics for the crowds that turn up to buy the book.

Each participant will receive a basic comic art kit as part of their camp experience, which is included in the camp fee. The kit will include the following supplies†, provided by Delta Art and Drafting Supply:

  • Sketchbook
  • White Vinyl Eraser
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Fine-Line Marker, Black
  • Ultra-Fine Tip Marker, Black
  • Tote Bag (courtesy of YouthWrite)

Participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies if they have materials they would prefer to use and/or would like to augment their work with materials not included in the kit provided.


Participants are expected to bring their own lunches to each day of the camp. A group snack will be provided each day for all participants, and is included in the camp fee. There will be a vegetarian option. Please notify us of any food allergies or sensitivities.

the Instructors

Our fully insured instructors and supervisors are knowledgeable comics creators, curators, and enthusiasts. Each is a devoted member of Happy Harbor's artist community, including past participants of Happy Harbor's Artist-in-Residence Program.

Jeff MartinSabrina O'DonnellDaniel Schneider
Biography Biography Biography

Collectively, the Happy Harbor Comics team is committed to developing a strong local community that enriches and engages youth with the comics medium and industry, promoting continued learning through multi-disciplinary approaches.

Drawn to Write is supported by:
The YouthWrite Society,
Delta Art and Drafting Supply,



Please read the Drawn to Write Rules and Regulations before applying.

  1. Applicants must submit a registration form:
              Register (and pay online with Paypal) here or download the registration form to print out.
    They must also respond to the following questions (section 2c below), and provide their writing and drawing samples in addition to submitting fees on or before the registration deadline (July 16).

    If you prefer, you may pay via cash, credit, or debit in person at Happy Harbor Comics; or via cheque to: Happy Harbor Comics;
    If you wish to pay via Paypal before (or after) submitting your registration form (online or by mail), use the following:
  2. Prepare your documents:
    1. A writing sample - one sample of prose (max. 1 page). Samples must be word-processed, 12-point font, double-spaced. DO NOT submit originals, as samples will not be returned. Please submit only ONE writing sample.
    2. A drawing sample - one drawing sample in any medium, but preferably pencil or ink, either black and white or coloured. DO NOT submit originals, as samples will not be returned. Samples may be scanned, photographed or otherwise copied. Please submit only ONE drawing sample.
    3. Answers to 4 Drawn to Write Questions. Your thoughtful and well-written responses matter to us!
      1. What school courses have you completed in English/Language Arts and/or Visual Arts?
      2. What extra-curricular creative writing and/or visual art courses/workshops/ activities have you previously participated in?
      3. Has your writing and/or drawing been published/exhibited/otherwise presented to the public? If so, where?
      4. What are your reasons for wanting to attend Drawn to Write?

  3. Send your documents via email to or via Canada Post to:
         Happy Harbor Comics
         10729 - 104 Avenue NW
         Edmonton AB
         T5J 3K1

    Or provide them in person in an envelope labelled with the applicant's name, address, and the date of submission.
  4. Once we receive your registration payment and documents, we will notify you via email whether or not you have been accepted into Happy Harbor's Drawn to Write Winter Comic Book Camp!

Note: Courses, instructors, and supervisors may be subject to change. Happy Harbor Comics reserves the right to cancel courses and restrict enrollment. Class sizes will be from 6-12 participants; Cancellations may occur if any session has fewer than 5 registrants.