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Poster design by Adam Slusar @TapwaterAlice

In October of 2009 Happy Harbor Comics started an art show that would allow creators to explore the mechanics and themes within the medium of comics. We've explored covers, gutters, the reveal, and more. In March of 2019 we present our theme of MENTORS, a powerful storytelling tool used in superhero comics, throughout Manga, and across all genres.

Opening Night kick off party, Friday March 1 (from 7pm to 9pm)
Show runs March 2nd - March 14th at Wonderland Edmonton.

Our contributors this year are;

Trevor Frick, Jeff Ryan, Roger Garcia, Stephanie Chan, Derek Currie, Nick Ross, Loren Albrecht, Kyle Hack & Halli Lilburn

Donations will be collected during the show on behalf of the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, housed at the University of Alberta. For more information about them, please visit their website.

Make a Donation to the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library online!

Guest of Honour: Kelly Mellings

Kelly Mellings is an award-winning art director, illustrator, and designer. His work has appeared in comic books, magazines, apps, museum exhibits, and online games, and his clients include Microsoft. He is the co-owner of the acclaimed illustration, animation, and design firm Pulp Studios. He is the illustrator of the national best selling graphic novel The Outside Circle, and the writer of the graphic novel The Life And Times Of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

This show is dedicated to our friend Gilbert Bouchard who passed away in the spring of 2009.
His good friend Suzette Chan and CBC co-worker Peter Brown shared wonderful memories at the inagural show
that allowed those of us who knew Gilbert to smile at his memory and for those of us who didn't to feel a little closer to him.

Dedicating the show, Visons of Comics, to Gilbert was the inspiration of Yves Lafleur.

To remember Gilbert, visit the 2018 show, 2016 show, 2015 show, 2014 show, 2012 show, 2010 show, and the inaugural 2009 show.