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It's time again for the latest in Happy Harbor Comics' series of Charity Scotch Tasting and Auction Events!

Happy Harbor Comics, Edmonton's largest and only award-winning comics retailer, is dedicated to actively participating in and contributing to our community. Our Scotch Tasting events play a significant part in this initiative by raising funds and support for local organizations with important causes.

Each Scotch Tasting is also an opportunity to engage with our city's scotch-loving afficionados in an event that is both informative and entertaining. And there's always a thematic twist that will entice veteran tasters, while welcoming newcomers.


It's Scotland vs. The World! We're pitting 3 tartan-toting Scotches against 3 international Whiskeys!
Who will be the victor and crowned the best drink?

Here's the Scotch List so far:
JP Wiser's Hopped
Jefferson's Ocean Aged Bourbon
Amrut Fusion
Sheep Dip
Highland Park Dark Origins
And Glenlivet 18!

Enlisted Scotch vs. Vigilante Whiskey

Meanwhile, 2 teams of comic superheroes will face off alongside our drink selection featuring Iron Man, Black Widow, and Batman against Captain America, Sharon Carter (Agent 13), and Superman. Guests are challenged to match each hero to their preferred beverage, while collecting all 6 of the exclusive Superhero Trading Cards, which have been custom designed and illustrated by local artists Daniel Schneider and Tracey Risser for attendees of this event only.

Whisky and Comics co-founders and bloggers, Lydia Calhoun and Steve Beam, will be the guest presenters tasked with guiding the evening's fantastic feats of Scotch tasting. Voracious comic readers, and experts in all things Scotch, Lydia and Steve are up for this challenge.


The contest doesn't end with the Scotch. Guests will also get the chance to bid against one another in a silent auction featuring unique and enticing items donated by generous individuals and a variety of local businesses and organizations. Among the donations on the block will be a signed cast poster for the new CW superhero television show: THE FLASH!

In Support of

We'd like to thank the following for auction donations:
Academy of European Swordsmanship -
Audacious Attire -
Capital City Burlesque -
Kitch Chick -
Metro Cinema -
Pink Lime Salon Spas -
and Original Artwork from Tracey Risser and Daniel Schneider

This event will support a group we've worked with in the past: Team in Training, a fundraising program for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and the only endurance sports training program for charity that raises money for blood cancer research.

In more than 5 years of Scotch Tasting events we've raised over $30,000 for
important organizations with worthy causes like Team in Training, including
STARS Air Ambulance and Valour Place Military Family Support House.

100% of all Auction proceeds go directly to Team in Training, as well as 80% of ticket sales. Cash, debit, and credit payments are accepted for auction items
and cash-back options are available during the event, so there's no need to hold back with your bids!


Arrange a Designated Driver, get someone to pick you up, or take public transit.
You will be given several ounce (20 ml) samples to try plus a sample starter.