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Saturday, June 20 - HEROIC Tasting! in support of STARS

HH continues it's 2015 series of fundraising scotch events with this star-worthy tasting!
We're raising funds for STARS Air Ambulance, the life saving serivce!

Aside from a majority portion of the ticket sales, there will be numerous, awesome auction items up to bid on (live & silent!) that will go to suppport this great cause!

As it's the first day of summer, we're going to help you learn which scotches are the best for the season!
We've travelled across Alberta to find experts to rank our selection of 6 "seasonal" scotches from 1 to 6 STARS.
Not only will you get the low down on the best sips to enjoy our 2 weeks of YEG summertime, you'll get a chance to test your skills agains the pros!

The evening's menu will feature:
1. Aberfeldy 12 year-old
2. Craigellachie 13 year-old
3. Deanston 12 year-old
4. Glengoyne 10 year-old
5. Great King St Blend
6. Hazelburn Rundlets and Kilderkins

If you can rank the drinks to match to our listing, you'll walk out with a nerd package worth more than $200!
Our host, HH's very own Malt Troll, Dave Parker, will guide us through the evening with stories of each of the fine beverages to help you determine how the experts ranked the scotches!

For those who attended the March Superhero tasting, you'll get to add to your HH Scotch trading card collection with 2 new character cards from artists Tracey Risser and Daniel Schneider!
The evening will also feature Officer Marcus Hirschfield speaking about his amazing experiences with STARS! These are stories you will not want to miss!

This event is run with the consent of STARS Air Ambulance.

We're looking to raise at least $3000 through seat sales & auction bids so make sure to bring your generosity!
Some of the auction items will include all the original art of the character cards used for the event!
All forms of payment will be accepted (cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & PayPal)!

Cost to attend is only $50.00 per person and includes the 6 samples, a pre-tasting beer, and food.
For every ticket sold $40.00 goes to STARS, along with 100% of the auction sales!

Seating is limited to 50 people and demand is already high! Seating is only reserved with full payment, name and contact number.

Happy Harbor would like to thank the following for supporting STARS Air Ambulance with their generous donations: