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All Fees for the Camps include a $20 non-refundable charge. No refunds will be made if registration is cancelled after the application deadline(s). However, a full refund will be made in the event an applicant is not accepted into the program.

Please Note: Courses, instructors, and supervisors may be subject to change. Happy Harbor Comics reserves the right to cancel courses and restrict enrollment. Class sizes will be from 6-12 participants; Cancellations may occur if any session has fewer than 5 registrants.

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It is agreed that the applicant named on this form will, if accepted, abide by the rules of Happy Harbor Comics and the Drawn to Write Program. In consideration of Drawn to Write 2019 accepting this application, I forever release Happy Harbor Comics, the YouthWrite Society of Canada, the Coordinator, Staff, Instructors, Supervisors, Technicians, and their respective Servants, Agents, or Employees from any or all claims, damages, or cause of action out of participating in Drawn to Write 2019