Address: 10729 - 104 Avenue in Edmonton, AB, Canada       Phone: (780) 452-8211       Email:

Free Comic Book Day is the annual celebration of the North American art form that has never been more popular than it is today and Happy Harbor is going to continue its tradition of being the BEST place to be on the first Saturday in May!

Saturday May 4, 2019
10am - 5pm

Not only will we have more than 50 different comics to give away for FREE*,
we'll also have cool raffles, exclusive product and costumed guests!

*(limit of 5 free comics per person, get an additional 5 with any purchase totaling $25 or more!)

On FCBD at The Harbor, we see between 1,600 to 1,900 awesome people, but there are only 9 of us on staff to help them have the best day they can have, so WE NEED HELP!
We have a variety of positions we could use support with during the event;

  • Main tent door monitor (outdoors) – 1 person (10 to 5)
  • Prize Tent (front of store) – 2 people (10 to 5)
  • Front parking monitor (outdoors) – 1 person (10 to 3)
  • Food Bank Sketch Drive (in tent) – 2 people (10 to 5)
  • FCBD tables (in tent) – 4 people (10 to 2 then just 2 people 2 to 5)
  • West Parking lot monitor (outdoors) – 4 people (9 to 4) directing traffic and assisting with cosplayers
  • Store line up/till (in store) – 4 people (10 to 3)
  • Face painters (in tent) – 5 people (4 painters, 1 supervisor/runner) (10 to 4)

We also love to have COSPLAYERS (9am to 4pm) on site! These great folks will help direct parking along 104th Ave and get people hyped about coming into the shop for the event! All cosplayers will be backed up by other non-costumed volunteers to assist with any needs that may arise (protection from harassment, need for water, costume malfunctions, etc.)

Finally we need ARTISTS (10am to 5pm) to do custom drawings for people who make donations to the Edmonton Food Bank. We’re looking for 8 artists and we will be providing supervision to handle food, assist with requests, run for supplies, etc. (paper provided, you’ll need your own comfortable drawing tools)

People who volunteer for a full shift will get 2 meals from the food truck (lunch and dinner), and anyone volunteering for a half shift will get 1 meal. Plus, you will also get first crack at the FCBD books and any sale items in the store.

We’ll need people here 30 minutes before their shift starts to meet with the volunteer co-ordinator and to pick their comics and/or go shopping.

If you are interested in volunteering, or have questions, please email us at

Mark down Saturday May 4
as the one day in 2019 you don't miss getting your geek on for!