Address: 10729 - 104 Avenue in Edmonton, AB, Canada       Phone: (780) 452-8211       Email:

Saturday October 1, 2016 @ 10AM to Sunday October 2, 2016 @ 10AM


24 Hours.
24 Pages.
A whole lot of caffeine.

(when donating, please remember to specify which artist's efforts you are contributing to!)

The results of our comic creating labours will once again go to support
Boys and Girls Clubs / Big Brothers Big Sisters.

24 Hour Comics Day is a worldwide event celebrating the art of making comics.
Comic creators are challenged to make a complete 24-page comic - written, pencilled, and inked...
in just 24 hours! A more in-depth description can be found here and at the official 24 Hour Comics Day website.

Registered Participants:

Andy CSue WRei S
Brian GPerry PJessica H
Andrew LKen DRudi G
Robin MPierre MDavid W
Karili RRhys CKeelan M

We're continuing our decade-long tradition of using this event to raise funds for important community organizations. In order to participate, each entrant is required to collect monies for Boys and Girls Clubs/Big Brothers Big Sisters. We ask that each person try to collect a minimum of $100 towards our goal of matching last year's total.

Fundraising is easy! Family, friends, and co-workers are usually happy to give $5 or $10 for your efforts, but there are even more creative tactics you can employ. Incentives like putting donors into your comic, offering custom art or drawing lessons, or even making cookies and other snacks to sell to fellow comic-makers at the event are just a few ways to draw attention to your fundraising efforts.

Want to be a Donor?

You can support any individual artist's efforts or donate directly to the cause! Either way, we'll make sure you get a shout out for your contributions. All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt from Boys and Girls Clubs / Big Brothers Big Sisters.

A Word Doc donation form can be downloaded HERE!
When all the donations are collected, Happy Harbor Comics will match $0.10 for every dollar collected!

DATE  October 1, 2016
LOCATION  10729 - 104 Ave, Edmonton AB
START  10 AM Saturday Oct 1st
FINISH  10 AM Sunday Oct 2nd
(You can stay longer if need be)
EXPECTATIONS For everyone to do the best they can, and to have an awesome time!
To raise funds and awareness for Boys & Girls Club / Big Brothers Big Sisters!
A Word Doc donation form can be downloaded HERE!
Please remember that while your efforts to raise money will be judged, this drawing event itself is meant to be a personal challenge and not a contest.
Happy Harbor will consider printing some or all of the stories after the event.