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What is 24 Hr Comics Day? Well, the long of it is here and on the official website but the short of it is, make a 24 page comic in just 24 hours, not just for the personal gratification but also to support charity. We will once again collect donations for LITERACY ALBERTA as a part of this event; and we hope to be able to beat our goal of $2700!

How do I collect donations, you may ask? Easy. Just print off a donation form that can be found HERE, then tell your friends, family and co-workers what you plan to do and don't forget to tell them how hard it is and the cause they are supporting! If everyone you know donates a few dollars each, we'll easily meet our goal!

To register to participate, please send an email to and if you have any other questions, you can call Jay at HHv1 at 780-452-8211! See you October 10th!

DATE  October 10, 2009
- delayed from official date due to scheduling conflicts
LOCATION  10112 - 124 St
START  10 AM Saturday Oct 10th
FINISH  10 AM Sunday Oct 11th (But you can stay longer if you need to.)
  • All participants to show up on time.

  • For everyone to do the best they can.

  • Please remember that this is a challenge and not a contest.
    HH will submit all completed works to the 24 Hr Comics Day people.