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Nearly $1300 was raised to help support the Alberta Literacy Foundation!
Here's a copy of the thank-you letter from the Alberta Literacy Foundation for our efforts.
Thanks to all of those who raised funds for the events and to those that and stopped in and donated!

Here are some samples and photos of the participants hard at work!
Andy C, David W, Samatha Z, Chris P, Matt L, David O,
Chelsea N, Daniel S, Brad G, Mike M, Rudi G, Sylvia M

More photos from the event!

Want to get our book featuring ALL the artwork done during the event? It's available now!

We appeared on CFRN and Global news at 6 pm on the 7th,
and we also had a spot on Oct 5 on CFRN News at Noon!
Also, we received coverage of the event in the Edmonton Journal.


Dion Bzdel, Jim Pettinger & Bryan Hodgson

ALL monies raised goes to the: