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We raised $1631.80 for the Alberta Literacy Foundation.
Thanks to all who supported the event, it was amazing! Our book, "Happy Harbor's 24 Hour Comics Day 2005" should be ready in a couple months!

Who participated? (click on names for samples)

ANDREW FOLEY - A creator currently with Speakeasy Comics (mainly a writer) finished his effort, sore wrist and all. Read his web post recount of the day's events HERE.
BOB PRODOR - Penciled 24 pages but only inked about 20 before the quality of the work just wasn't working for him. What he did looks great!
BRIAN GUAY - Drove in from Edson (about an hour and half away) and was able to complete a gripping kidnapping story.
CHRIS WOOD - On a personal mission, he completed 10 very attractive pages.
DAMOND WILLIAMS - Squeezed us in between shifts and drew nearly 6 pages of story starring characters of his own creation.
DAVID WOLOSCHUK - 15 pages of "The Package", a clean, fun tale not to be taken too lightly.
STEPHEN FRITZ - Finished a tale with a flying pig. Yep, you read that right, bub.
MIKE DANFORTH - 20 penciled pages of murder / mystery storyline that will be sweet with finished inks.
MIKE MCDEVITT - Completed the adventures of Monkey McDevill, starring in the "World's Surliest Comics!"
MATTHEW GARDNER - 15 finished pages of a video gamers life gone wrong.
SUZUANNE NGO - 10 finished pages of "Left Eye", an attractive and fun tale.
TIINA FOLEY - Finished the very artistic "I Hate Paris" story that looks great when placed end to end.
TREVOR SIEBEN - "Waking Cthulu For Fun And Profit", a nicely finished endeavour.

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Grummett who stopped by and chatted with the creators.
We also had visitors for Access Television (filming for one of their programs), A-Channel Television, CFRN Television, CBC Radio and the Edmonton Journal. Many of them also followed up at the end of the event as well.

Everyone hard at work!

Our "Info Table", safely guarded by Spider-Man!


Only one participant (a returnee from 2004) at the store this year, most opting to draw at home.