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Happy Harbor Comics was proud to be a sponsor of the second annual Longboard competition, the longest and only sanctioned Longboard race in Canada. With more than double the number of racers from the previous year, the competition for the $1000 top prize was thick and intense. The winner (sadly from Calgary) finished the 20km-plus race in about 55 minutes. Congratulations to him and all the riders who endured this challenging course (and yes, there were crashes and some didnít finish).

Visit their website to see the full course and hereís to 2009!

The racers taking place at the starting line in Hermitage Park.

Racers posing for pictures.

Everyone pumped to ride!

The mass takes off!

The finish line, just south of Government House at the end of Victoria road.

The last hill before the finish line. The rumble strips on the way down made for some interesting near-wipeouts.

Riders crossing the finish line. They were pretty spread out as multiple crashes and rugged terrain separated, well, everyone from everyone. The first place rider came through in about 55 minutes and at the 2 hour mark, others were still crossing.